Depending on the level of uncertainty, we use Lean Startup processes to evolve a concept in an agile and efficient way, or we facilitate and co-create in an unique way a new business case, until we get a real prototype and a viable business model ready to be scaled, leveraging the intrapreneurial potential of an organization.

Business Model Canvas Hypothesis. Identification and prioritization of hypothesis in the business model, while designing an action plan for their validation

Viability Experiments. Market viability tests through experiments that prove demand, i.e. Videos, Landing page, Wizard of Oz…

Scalable Model. Interactive versions of the Minimum Viable Product, along with metrics and actions on the conversion funnel to learn how to grow and how to sell.

Clients’ Development. Real learning from the client’s market segment’s problems, needs and they satisfaction to design the solution the look for.

New Business Case Co-creation. Under moderate uncertainty environments, we provide decision making support for C-Level through ad-hoc business case development, based on a combination of market intelligence, competitive intelligence technology intelligence and economic model development.